Sunday, September 2, 2012

Making Dolls

This past month has been consumed with doll-making.

Our local community kitchen, Hope Mission, will be involved in a fundraiser on September 8th.  I'm always looking for motivation for doing my art work, and I decided to make dolls for the fundraiser.


In the past, I've often thought about doll-making, but never got going with it.  This time I decided I would make ten dolls.  If you're a counter, you'll notice that there are only nine in the picture.  There is a tenth doll, but I got too attached to it and I'm keeping that one!

I have a large stash of fabrics from my quilting days, and drawers of yarns, laces, buttons, and other embellishments.  It meant I didn't need to do a whole lot of shopping, but I will admit to a couple of trips to local thrift shops for interesting clothing....


I'll be delivering the dolls to Hope Mission on Tuesday.  Those that don't sell at the fundraiser will be donated to Domestic Violence.
As you may have noticed, only one of the dolls looks like a "person."  I named her Gilda (actually, Gaudy Gilda), and she's been appointed den mother for the other creatures.  Gilda was the third doll I made, and doing the face was too stressful, so I went back to "critters" she was finished.  Photos and techniques on the individual dolls will follow in my next blog posts. 


Cindy Meadows said...

I love your new craft! The dolls are wonderful!

Linda Kittmer said...

What fun! I like the zebra!