Monday, September 10, 2012

Doll #7 - The Patriot

I nicknamed this doll "The Patriot" for obvious reasons.  This is how he looks on one side.
And this is how he looks on the other side.
The fabric for this doll came from this top that I found at the thrift shop.  I made the doll from fabric taken from the back of this shirt.  I may get another doll out of this front piece, though there are three large pockets that would limit my cutting area. 
Here's a head-on view.  I decided not to add eyes since two stars, totally by chance, fell into appropriate spots.
This picture shows the joint I sewed into the leg so that the doll would be able to sit with its legs extended out in front.  My technique is to sew the leg, stuff it up to where I want the joint, sew back and forth across the leg, and then finish the stuffing.  If you look closely, you can see the button I used when I attached the leg to the body.
I planned it so that I'd have the red & white stripes fall on the outside of each leg.
Portrait shot.  :o)
And, lastly, the requisite rocking chair shot....

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