Friday, September 7, 2012

Doll #3

This is Gaudy Gilda.  She was the third doll I made, and the first time I tried a face.
She was also the last time I tried a face!  Way too challenging...
Here she is in the early stages of construction.  I had her on my work table.  I walked out of the room, and when I came back in and saw her, my first thought was "corpse."  My husband walked in and said, "NCIS - Ducky's autopsy room."  Hmm.
Gilda came together with pink hair and a red boa.  The boa is a collar I cut off from a thrift shop blouse.  The boa is permanently sewn on.
I was happy with the hair - it's pink yarn that I crocheted.  Again, I had sewn a running stitch around her head, and used it to hook on the "hair" as I crocheted.  NOTHING would get the hair back off this doll!
Gilda told me she wanted a heart.  I had this piece I'd made, thinking it would be a pendant for a necklace, and I decided to use it for Gilda's heart.  The purple part is polymer clay, the sparkles on the heart are sparkly nail polish.  I added the beads and findings.
While Gilda sits fine on a flat surface, some knee joints would have been in order if I'd known she'd like sitting in a rocking chair!  Her body, head, arms and legs are made from batik cottons.  So far she's generated mostly negative response.  I do hope she'll find someone to love her!!

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