Saturday, September 8, 2012

Doll #4

The fabrics for this doll are cotton batiks from my fabric stash.
I made the feet to match the body fabric.
I used a fuzzy blue/green yarn to crochet the hair.  The eyes are pom-poms.  After I sewed them to the head, I used a black magic marker to paint in the pupils.  Do you see the button on his shoulder?
I have a collection of long needles used for sewing dolls.  To attach the arms and legs, I used embroidery floss and one of the long needles.  I'd sew through the body, through the arm, through a button hole, then back through the other button hole and pass through the arm, the body, the other arm, and the other button, and back again - many times.  I wanted to make sure the arms and legs were never coming off!  The interesting thing is that I found it meant that I could change the position of the arms and legs.  This fellow looks like he's raising a fist in the air.  I gave him a little history lesson on the 60's.  His motto?  Power to the Plushies!!

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