Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dolls #5 and #6

This doll's body is a velveteen fabric, and the arms and legs are cotton batik.
The hair is a bright, pink yarn that I crocheted.  The eyes are buttons, and you can see the buttons used for attaching the arms and legs.
Now they all want to do "Power to the Plushies"!
Yes, this one too....
This doll's body is a batik flannel - soft to the touch.  The legs and arms are batik cotton, and the feet are ultrasuede.
After the fact, I'm not happy with the eyes on either of these dolls.  I've decided that eyes that are pale, or even just pale in the center, give the dolls a zombie look.  Something to keep in mind for future dolls!

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Vicki Lane said...

You HAVE been busy. I think Gilda is my favorite. Perhaps a permanent marker could amend the zombie look.