Sunday, September 16, 2012

Doll #9 - Zelda Zebra

When you find a knit top in black and white stripes, there's not much choice but to make a zebra!  Zelda started off with a different set of eyes.
These eyes are buttons and, even though they went with color in the hair, I wasn't happy with them.  Still, I had taken the first set of pictures before I decided to change the eyes from buttons to pompoms.
Early stage - all of my dolls, except Gilda, have the head and body cut in one piece.
Her hair is yarn that I crocheted, hooking to long running stitches on her head.
Zelda, from a couple more angles.
I sewed joints into her legs so that she's be able to sit.
Lastly, front view that shows the convergence of the stripes.


Vicki Lane said...

Wow! Op art doll! How wild!

Curious Art said...

Fantastic doll! Especially the way you've used the stripes to emphasize the face & belly-- delightful!