Monday, September 3, 2012

Doll #1

This was the first doll I made.  The head reminded me of a seahorse, so I decided to make "fins" instead of arms.
Here's what he looks like laying down.  I was designing these dolls as I went along, so I'd modify things in later dolls if I wasn't totally pleased with something.  In this case, I thought the feet were too big, as well as too curvy.
The hair is silver yarn.  I ran a long running stitch along the top and back of the head.  I crocheted the hair, catching my crochet work on the running stitches, as I progressed.  In other words, the hair is firmly attached!
The polka dot fabric is from a thrift shop t-shirt, and the blue stripe fabric was from my stash.  I liked the way the stripes met at his tummy seam.  

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