Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Come Walk With Me

I walked out onto our back porch this morning and savored the cooler temperatures.  Three cheers for September!  Would you like to join me for a walk on the golf course?  If you look way back down our yard, that little green spot, sort of on the right, is the golf course.
Passing the magnolia tree on the way through the yard.
One of the fountains on the golf course - always picturesque, under any conditions.
Some trees reflected in one of the water hazards.  It wasn't quite totally calm, but it sure looks it in the photo!
A closer view of the reflection in the water.
Some paw prints in the concrete path.
I was passing under a tree when a small piece of bark fell, almost hitting me.  Then I heard the tapping of a woodpecker.  I couldn't get a good picture - this was the best of the lot.  He was busy at work, so his head was in almost constant motion. 
Here's a picture from the Internet.  It always surprises me how small these birds are, having grown up on Woody Woodpecker cartoons.  Wikipedia claims that red-headed woodpeckers are 8-10 inches in length. 
Now back to our walk....  I liked this pattern in the cracked concrete.
A shot of the pampas grass across the fairway.  My walk on the golf course is a little over a mile.  Are you tired yet?
Here's the little bridge that leads from the golf course back onto our property.
Standing on the bridge and looking up toward our house, just visible through the trees.
Almost there!
Home again....
A final shot of me reflected in the glass on our back door.  Hope you enjoyed the walk!

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Robin said...

Great views-I didn't know you lived near the golf course. What a nice place to be when you needed to PT that hip:))