Monday, January 31, 2011

Back Again??

Recently someone sent a note asking what had happened to me, since I'd stopped blogging.  She told me she missed my photos.  Another friend also prods me from time to time to start blogging again.  I do have lots of photos to share, and several projects I'm working on that I could write about.  So I'm back to give it another shot!  Feel free to bug me if I fade away again....

Yesterday I went for a walk at the beach and saw this dog keeping watch from the balcony of a beach house. He looked so serious about his duties!

I don't normally take photos of people, (a privacy thing), but I wanted to show some of the folks who were also out enjoying themselves.

The same image, cropped.  Wonder if this was the child's first time at the beach?
A surfer, taken from quite a distance, which is why he looks a bit like an android. 
A sister and brother.  Her red jacket caught my eye.

This also caught my eye - a sweet message!

 And, lastly, the requisite seagull picture.  :o)