Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday's Transformation

If you know of Big Louie, and you're concerned that he's "transformed" from being Big Louie into being Large Louise, not to worry - he's was just helping me out by modeling some of my beadwork.

The transformation I'm referring to involved taking some necklaces I had made years ago, and changing each of them into one more-modest necklace and two brass bookmarks. I forgot to take any "before" pictures, so you'll have to imagine this. The dangles that now hang from the bookmarks originally hung from the bottom of the necklace. It was a bit overmuch. Also, when I walked, the two dangles bumped against each other, providing a click, click, click whenever I moved. This was especially a problem when I wore one of the necklaces to work, as my job was in a library....

A close-up of some of the beads.


A second necklace that got transformed was done in black and gold beads.

Here's a closer shot of the new bookmarks.

The third necklace was done in aqua beads. All three necklaces look a whole lot better now!

The brass bookmarks are available from my favorite bead source: Fire Mountain Gems.

The bookmarks are used by slipping the brass section over the top of the page to mark your spot in the book.

This leaves the beadwork dangling along the spine of the closed book. The bookmarks lend a certain elegance to reading. Add a scone, and a cup of tea, and you're good to go!

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Pepper Cory said...

O c'mon! Tell Louie it's OK to get in touch with his feminine side!