Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Big Louie

Hi! My name is Big Louie and I live with Missus and Mister. I am very happy to have a home again. I once lived in Africa, have spent time in a zoo (escaped), worked for a while in a circus, and done a lot of bumming around. Lately I've been down on my luck, and I ended up in a stuffed toy pound, called a thrift shop. I was bedraggled and dirty, and they put me on top of a clothes rack and stuck a piece of masking tape in my fur that said I was worth $7.50. Definitely a low point for me.

A lady was walking around the thrift shop, picking out clothing. Since I was on top of a children's rack, I didn't expect her to come my way. But when she did pass by, I just looked down because I was pretty embarrassed about the state I was in. She noticed me, looked up into my eyes, and said, "I know exactly how you feel"! Then she picked me up, paid the fees, and took me home with her. Blessings on the Missus!

I do my best to contribute to the family. Here I am helping Mister with mowing the lawn. There is over an acre, so it takes a while. It was fun learning to drive the tractor!

Mister also lets me drive his truck in the driveway.

Here's another picture of me at the wheel! I haven't hit anything yet. I'm careful because there are a lot of frogs that live here too.

Whew! Summer heat, and pooped at the end of the day. Nice to relax on the back deck.


Nigel T. Monkey said...

Oi ! Hi Big Louie, your one big fella'
Glad to see you got a good home, always sad to see a fellow plushie down on his luck. Looks like you got into a nice home and learning the ropes around the place. Eventually you will fit in like one of the family and they won't even think of asking you to help out, you will get waited on, chill out in your chair and a pint will find it's way to you.
Enjoy the high life Mate !
~ Nigel T. Monkey

Jean Baardsen said...

From Big Louie: Thanks, Nigel! I sure could have used a pint when I was sitting on the deck!

TracyC said...

Yippee for Big Louie and big cheers for the Missus. Wahoo! We think you have come to the perfect home now.