Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Friendly Flowers

There's an outdoor market in town called Friendly Market. (At the corner of Bridges and Friendly - must have been pretty easy to pick the name!)

I was walking past the market on Sunday and, even though it was closed and no people were around, there was table after table of pots of flowers alongside the bike path.

It pleases me that we live in a place where flowers can safely be left out in the open! I suppose the only people who would want the flowers would be gardeners, and they're probably generally honest people anyway.

I had my camera with me and took almost 90 photos.
This is a selection from my favorites of the day.
When I was working on the photos in Photoshop, I couldn't resist using the sponge filter on some of them. The following images show that painterly effect.





Pepper Cory said...

Love the geraniums. You didn't by any chance take a larger picture of them did you? I'd love a painterly-effect screen save picture of red geraniums and green leaves...hint, hint.

Vicki Lane said...

And the columbine! Gorgeous! (Gotta get Photoshop!)

Yarnhog said...

Beautiful columbines! I love flowers. Gardening season is in full swing here in San Diego. I've been working in the garden every day for weeks!