Friday, March 19, 2010

Farm Fotos

I was out for a drive, looking for photo opportunities, when I came upon a field with some cows. I parked my car (in front of this barn) and got out with my camera.

Mr. Farmer came along in his truck. I was sort of on his property (side of the road, mostly) so I gave him a big wave. Fortunately, no shotgun came out, and he waved back. He parked his truck, mounted his tractor, and got to work.

Mrs. Farmer was well back from the road (thank you, zoom feature), pulling plants out of the ground - I'm guessing either lettuce or cabbage - and putting them in her bucket. She started tossing them, and the cattle gathered around for their snack.

Here's another one of their buildings. I should explain that I had mistakenly pushed some buttons on my camera so it was taking pictures on "portrait" rather than "auto." That meant that the pictures didn't come out as sharp as usual, so I put the Photoshop filter, Poster Edges, to work to disguise the slight fuzziness.

This building was a bit down the road, but I think it belonged to the Farmers as well. I also took several shots of the cows - before they moved off for their feed. Now, where are those damn cows? They were here a minute ago. Probably wandering around somewhere in my computer....


Vicki Lane said...

Love the special effects on the old buildings!

Yarnhog said...

I love these pictures. Being a city girl, I have a romanticized idea of what living on a farm would be like, and these pictures fit right into my vision.

Pepper Cory said...

I think the cows were being fed old collard stalks. My neighbor, who grows enough collards for the whole county, plowed hers under this week.