Monday, February 22, 2010

Flea Market

Saturday I visited a local flea market with the idea of taking some pictures. It was open, but it's winter, few sellers were there, and many of the items I saw were covered with dirt and dust. I still took lots of pictures, but when I processed them in Photoshop, I decided to use the "poster edges" filter on all of them. Why? To me, it hid the dust!!
This bus caught my eye before I even went inside. Old and decrepit, but it was in one of the vendor parking spaces. Wonder if someone lives in it?

There were shelves and shelves of herbs and spices.

Some spikey high heeled shoes

I think you can still see the dust on this piece....

For Rent. Tenant must have feathers.

Guess this is a grinder.

These horses looked ready to gallop off the shelves.
A child-sized chair.
I look forward to the warmer months when this flea mall will be a hive of activity. I'll be back with my camera.