Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday's Work - Still Growing

When I started this afghan, I bought one skein each of the red, white, yellow, lavender, and purple yarns. I was using those colors for the centers of my hexagons, and managed to run out of all of them at about the same time. Timing is everything, right? Rather than buying new skeins of those colors, I decided to get more green yarn and use solid green hexagons to keep the afghan growing and to form what would look like borders. So far so good - I'm happy with it.

I'm working my way down the second side of the afghan, and then I'll add hexagons to the top and bottom till it all looks finished to me.

Here's an extreme close-up! And a link to the earlier blog. I'm almost out of green yarn again, which, happily, means another trip back to Michaels. :o)


TracyC said...

Love it! The border looks great.

Pepper Cory said...

An afgan farm! Who knew you were a gardener! Keep 'em growing Jean.