Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Day

We live on the eastern coast of North Carolina and it never snows here. Well, almost never. The weather channel was predicting snow for last night, and some people were contemptuous of the very idea. Our waitress at the restaurant where we ate last night said she'd "believe it when she sees it." It started snowing a couple hours after that, and this morning we woke to a beautiful winter wonderland. Reports say 4-8 inches. The trees were stunning with their heavily-laden branches.

Of course, this amount of snow is nothing compared to what Virginia and Maryland have been getting. It seems to be snowing everywhere except Vancouver....

I wanted to take some pictures. We lived for many years in Michigan and used to have all the appropriate gear. Now I don't even own a pair of boots.

I put on a coat, opened the door to the deck, let a lot of heat out of the house, and took several shots. I went out the front door because there's an overhang and the walk right in front of the door was clear. I also took pictures through some of the windows and glass door, which worked surprisingly well.

I managed to leave the neighbors and the vehicles out of most of the shots. It looks like we live in a wilderness, which isn't the case, but that's the impression I wanted to create.

It warmed up a bit today, and most of the snow fell out of the trees. Even that was neat to watch!
Next time - I'll show the results of my playing with my snow pictures in Photoshop.


Dana W. Fisher said...

How beautiful, Jean. We just got rain in the Piedmont.

Robin said...

Jean the photos are lovely. It is so pretty when you don't have to deal with it. I would say 'sorry I missed it' but I had to drive through a horrible snow storm last friday in ALABAMA of all places...who knew?