Saturday, June 2, 2012

A Touch of Color

An assignment this past week in the Beyond Layers class involved taking a photo, duplicating the photo, and turning the new layer to black and white.  After that, we were to select one part of the picture - in this case I selected the life buoy - and erase the new black and white layer where it covered the life buoy.  This left just a bit of color in an otherwise black and white photo.  This photo was taken a couple years ago in Maine.

In full color.

That potato chip thing - I couldn't stop with just one photo.  This picture was taken at Atlantic Beach, North Carolina.  There were several people out flying kites that particular day.

In full color.

Lastly, the photo of the roadside shrine in Ventotene, Italy, that I blogged about the other day.


hootnonny said...

These are fantastic...I particulaly like the last one.

Vicki Lane said...

You used this new trick to excellent effect!

Beverly said...

Very nice effects. The color pop brings the focus to the perfect place. Love the final one also!

wayne15575 said...

They all came out fantastic. Nice work.

Robin said...

What a great software...really need to get one:) The bouy pic turned out great!!!

Tammy said...

You did wonderful! The last photo is really awesome.