Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Black & White Techniques

Grayscale, then Fresco filter, Multiply, 50%

I was converting some of my photos to black and white images.  Here's the closest I have to the original photo:

Next, I tried black and white effects on a picture of a farm building. 

Cropped, Grayscale, then adjusted Levels

Again, this is the closest I have to the original photo:

The tendency, when going from a color image, to black and white, is to use the "desaturate" feature.  Actually, I believe that going to Adjustment, Mode, Grayscale, gives a truer black and white effect.  Here's my third effort:

Cropped, Grayscale, then used Poster Edges Filter at 75%

Here's the original photograph, taken at Fort Macon, Atlantic Beach, North Carolina.

This assignment was done for my Beyond Layers class. 


wayne15575 said...

Beautiful Jean

Beverly said...

Very nice work!! Thanks for sharing your techniques. I have not done much b/w adjusting, other than in LR with presets, or simply using the convert to b/w tool. I would love to know more about what adjustments make the best conversion. That will be another photo class, I'm sure.

Mary Ann Roesler said...

The floral really pops. A clue which works often to pop B & W is to adjust the yellow slider after converting.

Butterbean Row said...

My favorites are the last two. They really pop!