Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The Color Yellow

The bear is the symbol for New Bern, North Carolina.  A few years back, they had a bear painting contest.  This yellow bear was one of my favorites.  I felt he would do a fine job representing the color yellow today.

One of his friends, the Monopoly bear.

Abour half of the bears stood upright.  This one represents the early days of New Bern, when it was the first capital of North Carolina.

And it wasn't just bears!  New Bern has some interesting painted fire hydrants, too!


Vicki Lane said...

These are terrific! Some creative folks down your way.

Beverly said...

Oh Jean, these are fantastic subjects of interest and photography! My son used to live near there and we have been to New Bern a couple of times - it's one of my favorite places along with Moorhead City. Thanks for sharing the story about the bear and hydrant!