Friday, June 15, 2012

More Photos in Black & White

For today's assignment in Beyond Layers, I worked on a couple of slides that I'd taken when we were in Turkey many years ago.  Above is my black & white version and below is the original photo in color.

These were some of the traditional Turkish yachts that were being used as charter boats.  We shared an anchorage with them one night.

This is a waterfront in Turkey.  Below is the original version.

Someday I want to paint this picture on a large canvas.  We'll see if that ever happens!  :o)


David P. Marchesseault said...

As with all your work, the layout is very attractive. At a glance, my favorite section is the chance to return to the tales of the Tropic Moon.

Beverly said...

Your subjects are beautiful, both in black and white and color! I enjoyed seeing your Turkish seaside views; it's very lovely.