Friday, April 30, 2010

Travels on Tropic Moon

My husband and I lived on Tropic Moon, a 42-foot sailboat, from 1978-1992. We took a lot of slides during that time. As I study and practice more with Photoshop, it occurred to me that our slides would be a good source of images for me to work with. And, fortunately, I have a scanner that scans slides. The first picture was taken at St. John's Harbor, Antigua, in the Caribbean (early 1980's). Lots of bananas for sale!

This is the original slide I used. I started by cropping a section of the picture, and then altering it in Photoshop.
This next picture was taken on Mikonos, one of the Greek islands, probably in 1987.

(Said the donkey: If we both keep our eyes closed, maybe they won't be able to see us!)

Here's the original slide. While the slides looked good when viewed with a slide projector and shown on a white screen, most of the slides scanned really dark. They were much more difficult to work with than the pictures I take with my digital camera. There were also strange spots on some of the images that I first thought might be deterioration in the slides. (Note to self: Dust and clean the glass plate on scanner before scanning more slides....)

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Vicki Lane said...

What a neat thing to do with old pictures -- and what an exciting time you must have had living aboard!