Sunday, April 11, 2010

Purple House

This colorful house is located in Morehead City. I've been wanting to take pictures of it for quite a while. For one thing, purple is my favorite color, and you don't see too many intense purple houses!

I cropped this section of the photo to use. My Photoshop technique this week is "poster edges." I've used this filter many times before but often wasn't happy with the results. Reading the book, I found that I had the settings set in a way that gave too intense of an effect.

This particular author (Lee Frost, The A-Z of Creative Digital Photography) feels that the filter "poster edges" works best on simple, graphic images, which was why I was out and about taking picture of buildings. The above image shows the filter at a low setting, giving what I feel is a "gentle" effect.

This photo shows the effect at a higher setting - lots more lines in the picture.

For my last photo, I used my buddy, the "sponge filter," to give the image a watercolor effect. For this house, my favorite result is the first one - I like the minimal definition added to the image. Any opinions?


Pepper Cory said...

I agree Jean--some lines but not too much--the middle one looks cartoon-ish. have always liked this house too and know just where it is! For purple lovers--wisteria alert! Try the Olde Burying Ground in Beaufort-the vines are everywhere!

Vicki Lane said...

Neat effect -- I actually like the heavy dose of lines too. But not the sponge effect.