Monday, April 6, 2009

Lone Lake Mini Art Quilt

This small art quilt began when I painted on a piece of silk. I tend to try for a landscape almost every time I paint, and this time was no exception. It showed some promise, so I decided to scan it into Photoshop to try to further the design process. The painted silk was larger than my scanner surface, so I moved it around on the glass till I had the most promising image. This is what I scanned:

My next step was to print the image, using my inkjet printer, onto a cotton printer sheet. I removed the paper backing from the fabric, and made a quilt sandwich with batting and a backing fabric.

Then the fun part - extensive machine quilting to develop the image. It needed more, so I added a velvet brown tree, small yellow flowers from a piece of trim, and a white triangle to represent a sailboat.

My last step was to paint an 8x10" gallery-wrapped canvas, and mount my mini art quilt to the canvas. I chose "Lone Lake" as the name for this small art quilt.

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