Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Antares Revisited

In a previous post I wrote about the yacht, Antares, and created a picture in Photoshop using a photograph we'd taken of Antares.

I carry notecards and ACEOs in my two Etsy shops (Uncommon Cloth and Paper Press), and I wanted to make use of this image. Unfortunately, I'd done an 8"x10" picture, and the proportions didn't work right for either the notecard or the ACEO. Back to the drawing board.... My new image ended up being horizontal in orientation rather than vertical. Actually, I like it even better than the first image!

I've used "Silver Sail" for both a notecard and an ACEO.
Then I decided to use Antares' silhouette with a different sunset.
This one turned out "vertical" rather than "horizontal." While the reflection in the water looks anything but real, I liked the look of image, especially the rich colors.

I named this image "Antares Sunset" and again used it in both a notecard and an ACEO. If you click on any of those links, you'll see that I show the original picture of Antares, as well as the sunsets that I used.
Etsy is an online site for selling all things handmade and vintage. If you've never heard of Etsy, and are interested, here's a link to their main page.


Pepper Cory said...

The first one is my favorite. I love how you take actual photos and remake them-am in awe of your creativity.

Robin said...

The superimposed ship on the orange sunset turned out great!!

Jean Baardsen said...

Thanks, Pepper and Robin. I've mostly been without "comments" so I had stopped checking! I wonder if there's a way to get notified if someone leaves a comment anywhere in my blog?? Sorry I won't make it to the gathering tonight. Have fun!