Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Walk in the Park

We live near a golf course where I enjoy going for walks. I go early morning or late evening when the golfers aren't on the course. I have a new digital camera that fits in my pocket, and I've been taking it with me on my walks. I LOVE this camera! It's a Canon PowerShot digital camera. It seems to take good pictures - regardless of what I'm doing with it. I also have a serious Photoshop addiction and enjoy working with my photos in that software.
Here are some of the images from my last two walks.
One of the water traps, with willow tree:
A pine tree:
A small stream:
This is the pampas grass that's growing in the back of the last picture:
And this is a wooden bridge that crosses a small stream. Part of a sand trap is visible in the background:
I've made notecards from two of these images and posted them in my Etsy shop, Paper Press, in the "New Notecard" section. One is Wooden Bridge and the other is Pampas Grass.
More photos to follow!

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