Sunday, April 12, 2009

Frog Blog #4

Kermit - The Early Days
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Kermit now lives a sedate life with his friends in Lily Pond, U.S.A., but when Kermit was a young lad, he had many adventures. The times he most likes to recall were the years he spent working as a cook on a charter sailboat in the Caribbean. The sailboat, "The Good Ship Tropic Moon," had a crew of five. They enjoyed sitting on deck and soaking up the tropical ambience.

One of Kermit's most exciting adventures was the day he fell overboard and was almost eaten by a shark! Here's the tale:
Frog Overboard
Kermit was emptying a bucket of water.
He leaned over the side - farther than he oughta.
And with a great splash he fell into the sea.
"Heavens to Piggy! What's to become of me"?
Just then a shark came swimming along,
"This looks like a tasty morsel, if I'm not wrong."
"Oh no!" exclaimed poor Kermit, floating alone,
"I'm all full of foam, not even one bone.
"You wouldn't enjoy eating poor little me.
There are much better meals afloat in the sea."
And so the shart thought, "Ah well, what the heck,"
And with a toss of his head, flipped Kermit back up on deck.
The crew was lined up along the port rail.
"We thought you were a goner," they started to wail.
"We'd have hated making entry into the log
Of how a great shark ate our little stuffed frog."
"I've learned my lesson, on that you can depend,
For one little mistake could bring a quick end.
I'll wear my safety harness while we're at sea,
So no fish will have reason to make a dinner of me"!

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