Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Memory Art #2 - Antares

Memory Art is art inspired by stories or photos from my past.
During our Virgin Island cruise on Fine Feather (see previous post), we were fortunate to go for a sail on a beautiful yacht named Antares. We were anchored at Caneel Bay on St. John when Antares came sailing through the cut between St. Thomas and St. John.

Antares was over 100 feet in length, more than twice the length of Fine Feather. Antares and her captain were from South Africa and had sailed from there to the Caribbean. The captain was friends with Fine Feather's crew, and when John and Linda saw Antares sailing through the cut, they loaded us in their Zodiac and we motored over to Antares, where we were all invited aboard. The sail continued for another hour or so, till Antares also anchored in a bay at St. John, and we returned to Fine Feather by dinghy. Fortunately, we had brought our camera along with us!

Ed was - and still is - the adventurous type, and he climbed out onto the bowsprit. He actually had to walk on the rope netting hanging over the water to get out there. (He also climbed to the top of one of the masts to help with the sail-setting.) I took his picture while he was sitting on the bowsprit. Ed then took my picture - I carefully passed the camera to him. No, I wasn't willing to go out on the bowsprit myself!

This time, for my "memory art," I decided to do a photocollage in Photoshop. I used the side view of Antares (above) and cropped the sailboat from that picture. Then I found a slide taken at St. Francis Bay on St. John.

I cropped this image, removed the small sailboat, and otherwise played photo-god. I then took the image of Antares, added it as a layer to the scene, and darkened it to make it show as a silhouette. My last step was using the Posterize filter to make it look a bit more painterly. Here's the final result:

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David Patterson said...

Beautiful captures Jean!!