Thursday, September 15, 2011

Puzzled Pets

I'm pleased to introduce you to my Puzzled Parrot!  I had put together a jigsaw puzzle featuring tropical birds, and particularly liked this parrot.  I also had an 8"x10" canvas that I'd painted with acrylic paints.  The image was flowers, and though I'd worked on it several times, I wasn't totally happy with the painting.  So I got the idea to take the parrot from the jigsaw puzzle and mount it on my painted canvas.

This is what the whole canvas looks like.  This project was enough fun that I headed for the Salvation Army thrift store to look for more jigsaw puzzles.  And that's where I found Jake....

Isn't he a beautiful dog?  After I did the jigsaw puzzle, I painted on a 12"x16" canvas, and mounted Jake.  The next picture shows it from an angle so that you can see the canvas better, and how much of it is covered with the puzzle pieces.

A third small jigsaw puzzle contained a couple of horses.  Since I've been asked to do some art with horses, I decided to use these horses on an 8"x10" canvas.  I used two pieces of fabric for the background.  I also glued on a couple stray puzzle pieces to provide more balance on the canvas.

This is the straight-on view.

An angled view that shows the puzzle pieces.

And, lastly, a closeup. 
I'll be keeping an eye out for more interesting jigsaw puzzles!


Lee Pierce said...

Jean, Great mixed media work! I love jigsaws. What a clever girl you are! :D

Vicki Lane said...

What fun! Love your painted flowers in the parrot piece! And I really like the escaping puzzle pieces in the last one!