Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Anchored in the Past

This is an art card (2.5"x3.5") that I purchased online.
"Ship At Night" ACEO by - Nov. 2010

One of my earliest memories is of the nightmare that haunted my childhood. In the dream I would be out in the middle of the ocean on a very dark night.  There would be the towering black bow of an overwhelmingly huge ship bearing down on me, white waves frothing around the hull.  I would wake up screaming and my mother would come in to comfort me.  

That's the first paragraph of the book I'm writing.  I'm calling it Anchored in the Past for a couple of reasons.  1)  We lived on a sailboat and we anchored the boat in many different bays and harbors.  2)  I've never quite gotten past the nightmare I describe, and the effect it's had on my life. 

I have newsletters from the 14 years we lived on Tropic Moon, slides from our travels, and lots of art that relates to that time.  I want to happily merge it all into a book, and use it to inspire other art as I go along with the writing and editing.

Would you like to sail along with me?  Be pleased to have you aboard!

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Lee Pierce said...

Jean, sounds like an ambitious excursion! I look forward to your installments.

That ACEO is a great find!