Friday, September 9, 2011

Beaufort, North Carolina

Seagrass is a gift shop on Front Street in Beaufort.  A selection of my notecards are for sale in this shop.  The owner was interested in local photos, and I provided plenty from Atlantic Beach and Morehead City, but had only one from Beaufort.  Since that's the location of the shop, the owner asked me if I would do some notecards with Beaufort scenes. 

I spent a morning in Beaufort before Hurricane Irene came through, and took about 200 photos.  These are ten of my favorites.  This first one is kind of obvious - Clawson's Restaurant!

The Crystal Coast Lady - a local tour boat.  I played with the photos in Photoshop. 

Another shot of shops on Front Street.

The General Store - marvelous stop for ice cream!

Colorful kayaks.  That's the Crystal Coast Lady in the background.

One of the power boats moored at the town dock.  There weren't very many boats in the marina, what with Irene being on her way.

Some permanent residents at the town dock.

A wind vane at the top of a building called the Carteret Academy.

And, lastly, some yard decor that caught my eye.


Lee Pierce said...

Great shots Jean! I bet your note cards are beautiful ;^)

Vicki Lane said...

Really nice, Jean. I like what yo do with Photoshop.