Monday, May 9, 2011

R, S, T, U

R is for Relax.  That's my Dad in the picture.  He was pretty good at relaxing.  This image is one I put together using a photo I took at the local Fort Macon, combined with a shot of Dad from World War II.  I described this - and our mutual love of pickled onions - in a blog post from a couple years ago.

S is for Smile.  Dad (Jean Edward Marchesseault) got himself on the R page, and this is my Mom (Beatrice Leona Bellavance Marchesseault) on the S page.  I didn't bother with a quote because I felt her smile said it all.

T is for Tribe.  My mother was one of nine children and my dad was one of eleven.  My mom's oldest sister married my dad's oldest brother, and this is a picture from Loretta and Lionel's wedding.  In this next picture, I circled my mom and dad, who were then teenagers, and sitting together on the railing.

My two grandfathers and two grandmothers are in the front with the wedding couple.  All the little girls were my aunts, and lots of other aunts and uncles are in the background of the picture.

U is for Union.  This is a photo of Ed and me on our wedding day (August 14, 1970).  A good "union," if I do say so myself!

Next post - the rest of the alphabet!!

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Lee Pierce said...

I love the family aspect of all these letters ;) This book is a great keepsake, tribute and heirloom.
Wonderful work, Jean!