Sunday, May 8, 2011

M, N, O, P, Q

I have gotten seriously bored with posting about my zentangle alphabet, and decided to speed things up.  Afterall, the pages are not only done, but the book has been assembled, and shown to a few friends.  M is for Magic.  The photo was taken on Nantucket Island.

N is for Night.  The image is a picture of my art quilt, Night Sail

O is for Ocean, and the photo is one taken at the local beach.  You can click on the image if you want to read the quote.

P is for Peace.  The flowers are a digital image worked up from one of my photographs.

Q is for Quiet.  The photo was taken at our local community college. 

The next four letters (R, S, T, and U) will feature family photos - funny how they fell together in one part of the alphabet.  I also liked how Peace and Quiet ended up next to each other too. 


Lee Pierce said...

WOW, what a Great book! This is a super project Jean ;^)

Vicki Lane said...

All terrific -- there's a Northwest Indian feel to the O. And I love the flow of the design in the tail of the Q.