Thursday, April 28, 2011

J is for Jaunt

There's a train station in Wilson, NC, about 2 1/2 hours from us, that I visit on occasion with my sister.  Lynn has a friend who comes down once a year from Arlington, VA, by Amtrak train.  There's a beautiful 10' x 16' mural on a wall in the train depot, and that's where I took this photograph.  This is just a small part of the mural, and if you'd like to see the whole mural, check it out here.  There are two pictures near the bottom of the article.

The zentangle for my letter J.

I didn't find a quote I liked with the word "jaunt" so I decided to use a definition instead.  "Jaunt: to ramble here and there; to stroll; to make an excursion."  Can you go for a jaunt on a train?  Sure, why not!  And the mother and son took a jaunt to the railroad tracks to watch the train go by.

Here's my page spread.  The butterfly is a sticker and "journey" and the arrows are from my stamp collection.  I thought the bicycle fit in well too.  It's another member of the Webdings font, as I described in this earlier post.  Typing the small "b" on the keyboard gives you this bicycle.  How cool is that?  Not this big, of course - I enlarged it in Photoshop.  Happy jaunting!

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Vicki Lane said...

Another nice one, Jean!