Friday, April 15, 2011

Bee Still, My Heart

I was taking pictures of some of the azaleas in our yard yesterday.  There are lots of bees hanging around the white azaleas by our front door.  These bees seem a wee bit formidable, diving bombing around the flowers and the front door.  Even though I've been stung by bees in the past, I look on them with fondness rather than fear. 

My mom was named Beatrice, and was always called Bea.  When I see the bees, I think of my mom, and send her a greeting.

I was pleased that this bee seemed willing to hang around for my pictures.  Not that he wasn't busy doing his pollen thing. 

I managed one of him buzzing by the green leaves, but only one of his wings show up in the picture.

Bee Gone....  And so am I.


Pepper Cory said...

Your photos are excellent Jean. Nice to see he/she's a proper honeybee and not a bumble. Bee keepers in this area are doing a good job of encouraging the honeybees. Love the white frames around the photos against the tan.

Jean Baardsen said...

I was saying "he" for the bees, since I've retained some probably incorrect information that the only female bee is the queen bee. Have no idea if that's true or not. I like the white frames too, which is a good thing since blogspot adds them and I doubt if I could get rid of them, even if I wanted to!

Vicki Lane said...

Lovely shots! The bees are out and about here too! Actually, the worker bees are female too --but non egg laying. The only males are the drones and their only job is to fertilize the queen

Jean Baardsen said...

Vicki, Thanks for clarifying the bee gender jobs. About the males - oh, why am I not surprised that's all they have to do??

Lee said...

Great shots, Jean! Big bumbles busy doing their thing...head down hard at work :D

NCmountainwoman said...

I popped over from Vicki Lane's blog. I'm always glad to find another NC blogger. I'll look forward to reading your archives.