Monday, August 24, 2009

Three Silly Purchases

I was back at the thrift shop, Second Blessings, where I had found, and rescued, Big Louie. This time I bought a necktie for him. It's a Carlo Palazzi, 100% silk, and hand made in Italy. ($2) Big Louie is quite fond of the necktie - he never had one before. He's modeling it here, but plans to save it for Sundays and special occasions.

My second silly purchase was a computer for Flossie. Her old computer had been broken for a while and she hadn't been able to write or post on Flossie's Frog Blog. She'd been complaining a bit about that.... This computer was on a shelf of odds and ends, way in the back of the thrift shop. It cost $5, and Flossie and I are both very pleased with it!

The third item, a four-foot wooden ladder, was purchased at the pet store. The idea was to provide a means for Casey Cockatiel to get back up from the floor to his cage on the card table. The silly part is that we ever believed Casey would use the ladder.
We let Casey hang out on the top of his cage, and every once in a while he decides to attempt an escape. Despite the fact that his wings were trimmed when I bought him about ten days ago, Casey manages to cover quite a bit of territory. Yesterday, in two "hops," he made it through this large room, out the door, and halfway across the living room before I caught up with him.

Here's a shot of Casey, on top of his cage, obviously doing some plotting. (Behind him on the wall is one of my art quilts, Marty Macaw.)
I thought I had the escape problem solved. Big Louie lives in this room, too. I tried to get Casey Cockatiel to pose for a picture with Big Louie, but Casey was scared of him and flew away, squawking, the couple times I tried. So I enlisted Big Louie's assistance in keeping Casey in this room. I stationed Big Louie on the floor, blocking the doorway. Last night, Casey didn't even want to be on the floor when Big Louie was sitting across the room.

So this morning, as I was preparing to write this blog, and expound on my cleverness, Casey took off from the top of his cage, sailed across the room, and made a beautiful landing on Big Louie's head.
Well, so much for being intimidated.... Casey may think he rules the roost, but I haven't given up yet.


TracyC said...

I love Big Louie!!! What a gentleman...gentle ape? Handsome guy! Casey is hysterical. I can see this battle drawing out for years. And the computer is great cause we've been missing Flossie.

Jean Baardsen said...

Thanks, Tracy!