Sunday, August 30, 2009

Different Kind of Drop

Last January I had an exhibit of my artwork at the local community college library. With the exhibit, I included about a dozen prints of my work. I printed these images on acid-free, 140 lb. watercolor paper, using my ink jet printer. I printed each image at 7.5" x 9.5" and then mounted it on an 8" x 10" gallery-wrapped canvas, with 3/4" thick edges. Each canvas was painted to coordinate with its print.
The canvas is titled, signed, and dated on the back. This photo shows a sample of a side view of one of the finished canvases.
After the exhibit, I'd stowed these canvases in a box and put them on a shelf in a closet. Since they weren't doing anyone any good in the closet, I decided to "drop" them around town, like I've done with dolls for The Toy Society. This past week I did two drops at our local hospital. A print of my Great Horned Owl (his name is Max) was the first one I left.

Here's where the real Max now hangs in our house.

The second canvas is called "Marsh." It's a print of one of my digital paintings, done in Photoshop.

This one was left in the hospital's chapel. While these aren't really toys, they are handmade, and I'm hoping I won't get booted out of The Toy Society for doing this under their umbrella!


Pepper Cory said...

Very cool Jean. I didn't know you were doing this or I'd be haunting the local hospital's waiting rooms!

Anonymous said...

I came to have a closer look at what you'd left for your Toy Society your horned owl, he's magnificent.

I'm sure if I look around your blog I'll find how you did it, but it's easier to it painted?


Jean Baardsen said...


Thanks for the compliment! It's a long explanation, of how it's made, but if you look at my blog, under the third picture, you'll see "Great Horned Owl" as a link. Click on that and it will take you to a listing that has the full story, as well as a detailed image that really shows the face and eyes. If that doesn't work for you, let me know and I'll try cut & paste instead.