Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I'm finally getting back to a CD of family pictures that one of my cousins sent me. Rosilia Theroux (above) was my father's mother - my paternal grandmother. She was 15 years old when this picture was taken. There was a pretty bad crack in the picture, so I put my Photoshop skills to work. I prefer sepia for these old pictures, so I adjusted the color too.

She later married my grandfather, Joseph Edmond Marchesseault, and they raised eleven children. My dad was lost somewhere in the middle of the pack.

Here's another picture of Rosilia. This one needed less work than the first one. Is anyone who is reading this blog old enough to remember when women wore real animal pelts around their necks? I remember a fox that one of my aunts had. She'd wear it over her coat when she dressed up to go to church. It still had the fox's head at one end, with some clipping mechanism that made it look like the fox was biting its tail when she fastened it across her chest.
At least this pelt doesn't seem to have a head on it!

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Rosa-Munda said...

Hi Jean, My granny had one of those fur stoles! I hated it!! Lovely pictures - very elegant ladies. Ros