Friday, July 10, 2009

Prudence Needs a Home

This is Prudence, and she needs a new home.
Let me start by explaining about The Toy Society, which I've recently joined. It's an international group of people who make small toys that they leave in various public places, like on playgrounds or in libraries or hospitals. These toys are in see-through bags and contain a visible note that says, "Take me home, I'm yours," and includes The Toy Society logo.
This sounded like a fun idea to me, and Prudence was my first attempt at making a doll for the Toy Society. She didn't come out real well (understatement). Nothing went right when I was making her. Of course, I thought I could do this without any kind of pattern or much forethought, and it shows. For one thing, I used a textured beige fabric for her head. (After seeing Prudence, one of my friends suggested that I should name her Oatmealia.) She has weight issues - not that she's heavy - quite the contrary, but she sure is lumpy. (I hadn't bought doll stuffing yet and was trying to make do with quilt batting.)
Anyway, the bottom line is that I don't feel I can use her as a drop for the Toy Society because I'm afraid she might frighten a child. I was going to throw her away, but Prudence just kept smiling at me and I was consumed with guilt.
Would anyone like to give Prudence a home? If so, let me know, by email, or comment or whatever. If no one wants her, I'll understand. If more than one of you want her, I'll draw a name to decide where she'll go. Deadline is Monday, July 13th, at midnight.
I've done another doll, and I feel I learned quite a bit from my experiences with Prudence.

This is Greta. I used phototransfer for her face. Both dolls have crocheted hair. Greta is not lumpy. Legs and arms on both dolls are made from ultrasuede. I will be using this doll as a drop for the Toy Society.

Both dolls were a lot of work, so now I'm trying fish. They go faster, and I get to use fun fabrics from my stash. If you'd like to see some of the other toys that people have made, check out the Toy Society Blog. I first heard about the Toy Society through Naner Lady. Pictures of the toys that she's made are posted on her blog. Her toys are really cute!


TracyC said...

We would be happy to give sweet Prudence a loving home. I understand completely about those guilty looks.

self taught artist said...

i think i like prudence better, she isn't perfect and pretty faced like the 2nd one. kids need fun goofy crazy creative right??
did you get my etsy convo this morning? i have your quilt in a treasury :)

Edie said...

Prudence looks like my Aunt Margaret. The weather aged tecture face but the classy fabric dress. I would love to give her a home.

Naner Lady said...

Great job Jean! I think they are all lovely. I love the process of making things. Since I can't keep everything I love leaving them to help brighten someones day. =)