Sunday, July 12, 2009

Free Note Cards

I make notecards featuring images from my art quilts, mixed media work, and from my photographs. I sell these cards through one of my Etsy shops, Paper Press. I have lots - and lots - of cards that I printed when I was first getting going, and they won't be sold through Paper Press for a variety of reasons, like I changed the way I do my copyright information on the backs of the cards. Thinking about preparing toys to drop for the Toy Society got me thinking about dropping packets of my cards as well. I made the "free cards" insert (click on pictures to enlarge), and put together packets of three notecards, each with a different design. Did I mention that I had a few extra cards? So far I've put together 46 packets of three cards each....

I've started leaving packets of cards around town. Friday morning I was at the waterfront in downtown Morehead City and left half a dozen packets. (The last thing my husband had said to me before I left the house was, "Don't get arrested for littering.") The top photo shows part of a statue that includes ceramic fish. There are lots of benches in this area, so I left a packet on one of them. However, my favorite drop of the morning was at the statue of Neptune.

You can see the cards in the palm of his hand. That stone bench in front of him is a normal size. This guy is big!

This was out of the wind, so I expect the cards stayed there until someone noticed them.

This packet looks like business cards in his large hand, but they're actually 5 x 7 inches. He has a big head, too, but then, he is the god of the sea!


self taught artist said...

thats hilarious and great marketing strategy :) love the hand holding your cards!!!

Karen said...

I love this!!

Pepper Cory said...

Way to go Jean. Loved the neptune picture.