Friday, May 22, 2009

A Walk on the Beach

Last weekend I took a walk on the beach and shot about 120 pictures. At least half were deleted as soon as I got home. I cleaned up the rest in Photoshop, and some of them I worked on turning into what I call "Digital Art." I'll show some of the photos with their accompanying art. (Click on images to enlarge.)
One of the piers:

Another pier shot:

A woman and her child standing in the water:

A surfer:

A man walking on the beach:

The last piece combined two pictures - one of the waves and one of a seagull.

You can see more of these pictures on my Facebook page. I understand that you can look at photo albums on Facebook without having to be a member. If someone would try this and let me know if it works, I'd appreciate it! I'm learning as I go....


self taught artist said...

I like the pier pictures alot, you have a good eye (man my brain, i can't even think of what the word is for keeping things in the frame....ugh) anyhow, i like that there is a good balance and things feel in their right place.
ps i emailed you in regards to the great comment you left, hope you got it

Pepper Cory said...

I love your photos Jean. happy Memorial Day weekend-

Jean Baardsen said...

Paula and Pepper - Thanks for your comments! Paula, maybe you were thinking "composition"? Actually, I realized I was posting "originals" that had already been cleaned up in Photoshop. With the camera, I just point and shoot. :o)