Sunday, May 24, 2009

A Walk in Beaufort

Yesterday I was in our neighboring town of Beaufort to visit an outdoor Arts & Crafts show. I came home with a small piece of pottery, and a print, from a couple of artists I know. I also wandered around town with my camera. Here are my favorite shots from the day.
Two scenes from the Beaufort Old Burying Ground:

A statue from the Old Burying Ground, and a rocking chair on a front porch:

My favorite flower shots of the day:

And, lastly, some picturesque shrimp trawlers at a local dock:


Pepper Cory said...

I wish I had your eye Jean. My fave in Beaufort is the Olde Burying Ground. Happy Memorial Day from one AFB (Air Force Brat) to another.

Robin said...

Great shots, Jean.
The sky in the shrimp boat pics is so so blue!