Monday, May 4, 2009

Fabulous Fungus

Guess I'm into tree stumps these days.... On one of my walks, I came upon a stump that had marvelous tree fungus. (Click on any image to see an enlargement.)

I took lots of pictures and then played with them in Photoshop.

Changed some colors...

It got to be really interesting when I started duplicating some of the shots and making new images with them. I took this last image and duplicated it till I had a total of four images. I flipped some of them so that the same part of the image was located in each corner of my new design.When I merged the four parts together, this is what I got:

I couldn't believe how beautiful they came out. I made about 10-11 of them altogether. When I was showing them to a friend, she starting seeing aliens, turtles, monkeys, and other strange creatures. Here are some detail shots that show what we saw.

Since I sell notecards in my Etsy Paper Press shop, including notecard sets that contain five different designs, I picked my five favorites out of the images I had generated. These five are listed as individual cards, named after fruit. (Okay, sometimes it's hard to come up with names....) These cards are also part of a notecard set that I named "In the Abstract." Here's a picture of the insert that goes in with the set.

To say I had fun with this project is an understatement! Here's a link to the notecard set. The individual cards are Banana, Boysenberry, Grape, Kiwi, and Plum. Makes me hungry, just thinking about it....

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