Friday, March 6, 2009

Frog Blog #1

Le Tour de Frog

Herbie, a frog living in Lily Pond, U.S.A., decided to enter the Tour de Frog, a bicycle race that was being held in France. He had read about the Tour in some books and magazines that he had checked out from Lily Pond's public library. Herbie and some of his frog friends are great supporters of their local library, and they recently posed for a READ promotion poster as a fund raiser for the library. Herbie got so excited about it that he went around telling everyone he saw to Read-It!, Read-It! Here he is pictured with, from left, Kermit, Egg, and Flossie.

Well, to get back to the Tour de Frog. Herbie bought a special "racing" bike to take with him. He spent many long hours practicing on the local roads and working out at the sports center.

Herbie's friends threw a gala going-away party for him before he left for France. A good time was had by all! Unfortunately, due to his small size, Kermit was ill-equipped to keep pace with Herbie. As you can see, Flossie was doing her best to revive Kermit, as she was designated driver to get the boys back to their pad in Lily Pond.

(A note of interest - the quilt in the back- ground of the picture was made by Flossie's friend, Jean. The name of the quilt is Garden Trellis.)
The following morning, with a slightly queasy stomach and a pounding headache, Herbie and his bike left on an airplane for the trip to France.
To be continued....

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