Monday, March 23, 2009

Frog Blog #3

Flossie & Frank

There are two earlier Frog Blogs: Le Tour de Frog, and Herbie in France.

Flossie is the quiet, contemplative type of frog. She enjoys meditation, and writing in her diary. A small chocolate torte and a sweet cup of cocoa add to the afternoon's pleasures.

Flossie also enjoys spending time with her friend, Frank. And while Frank and Flossie are happy with their lives in Lily Pond, once in a while it feels good to get away. They decided that a day at the beach was just the ticket!
(Note of interest: The quilt in the background of the picture is called Dunescape and was made by Flossie's friend, Jean.)

Another trip that Frank and Flossie took together was to Frog Rock. Frog Rock (off of old Route 44) is in Connecticut and is a landmark of natural stone that dates back to 1918. Flossie climbed to the top of Frog Rock and sat there waving while Frank prepared to take her picture. Frank and Flossie enjoyed a picnic lunch before they headed back home to Lily Pond.

Of course, things don't always go smoothly, even in a frog's world! Living on a budget these days can be a challenge for anyone. Frank was hoping to find enough spare change to take Flossie out for ice cream. In the photo, Kermit has joined the pair to help Frank make a different kind of withdrawal - getting his arm back out of the bank! (Note of interest: the quilt in the background, also made by Jean, is called Turkish Bazaar.)
After a "successful withdrawal," the three friends headed to the nearest Cold Stone Creamery for a well-deserved treat.

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