Saturday, April 8, 2017

1980 (15) - Ocean Sunset - a Poem

Photo taken at sea from Tropic Moon

The bright orange ball
In the sky will fall,
And drop slowly toward the sea.
Meanwhile all around
There's naught to be found,
But the endless water round me.

The sun shouldn't set,
Well, at least, not yet,
Bringing the coming of night.
For I'm filled with fears
As light disappears,
And sit alone with my fright.

When the sun has sunk,
I long for my bunk,
And the comforting escape of sleep.
Then darkness sets in,
And the stars begin
To populate the sky like sheep.

And I gaze above
With feelings of love,
At the diamond-studded sky.
Then think of the dread
That just filled my head,
And I kiss my fears good-bye.

Jean Baardsen
Yacht Tropic Moon

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