Tuesday, January 3, 2017

1976 - Sailing on Fine Feather and Antares

Deadly serious...  My first time at the helm of any boat.
Captain John keeping an eye on things.
Yacht Fine Feather, U.S. Virgin Islands

Ed brought his sextant on Fine Feather, to practice taking sun sights.
Here he is, calculating our position.  Of course, I could have told him
where we were.  That's Peter Island in the background.
Antares, a 90 ft. schooner from South Africa.  While staying on Fine Feather, the crew took us for a day sail on Antares.

Ed sitting out on the bowsprit (Virgin Islands)

Looking forward along the deck

Me, sitting with a young crew member

I wasn't going out on the bowsprit, so I passed the camera to Ed to get this picture

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