Sunday, April 1, 2012

Hard Light

I developed this image using the blending mode in Photoshop called Hard Light.  I worked with four layers, most of which had the Hard Light blending mode applied to them.  Blending modes are fun because they let the different layers show through, blending them together.

This is my original photograph that was the source of the seagull.  I deleted the background in this picture so that it wouldn't interfere with the other layers.

I used this photograph for one of the layers.  You can just barely see the waves in the background in the first picture.

I had scanned a piece of silk fabric to get this image.  It also provides a texture background layer.  I had lightened it quite a bit, but you can still see some of the color from this layer showing up in the final image.  Another layer was a solid light blue.

And here it is again.  I like my final image - it has a sort of ethereal look to it.  Now I need to come up with a name for it.  Any suggestions??


Robin said...

You are really good with Photoshop and thanks for explaining the process because on first look my first question was, "How?". :)

Vicki Lane said...

Lovely effects -- kind of like batik.

And best wishes for the hip replacement!