Thursday, March 22, 2012

Black Vase

Black Vase is a mixed media piece done on an 8" x 10" x 3/4" wrapped canvas.  (That pebbly-looking background is the carpet.)  Black Vase's inauspicious beginning occurred one day when I was cleaning off my brushes.  I'd been painting on another canvas, using acrylic paints.  I have a real problem throwing away leftover paint, so I usually use my brush to mop up the paint from the palette, and then wipe the paint onto a blank canvas.  In truth, some of my best backgrounds have occurred that way!

Coming back to this canvas on another day, I decided to paint on the black vase.  I added some white paint to try to make it look dimensional.  At that point, I had a black vase on a burgundy background, and the idea that the picture needed flowers.  Afterall, it was a vase....  I found the thought of painting the flowers to be rather daunting, since I really liked the background and didn't want to mess it up.  So, instead of painting, I turned to my fabric stash.

Where I found this piece of fabric.  It was originally part of a dress that I'd picked up at a thrift shop.

Here's a close-up of the fabric.  I decided to cut flowers and leaves from the fabric, and glue them to the canvas.  I'm guessing I used acrylic medium to attach the flowers, though it could have been Mod Podge, or white glue.  All three go on white and then dry clear. 

I took the canvas out on the deck to take a picture in natural light.  This also shows the depth of the canvas.

Here's another detail picture, taken outside.  All in all, I was very pleased with the way the picture turned out.  It looks a lot better than it would have if I'd actually tried to paint the flowers!


Quilt Inspiration said...

This just popped up on our dashboard - and how lovely! This is a beautiful and very distinctive piece. Thank you for letting us know how you created it.

Carol said...

You remind of my self in this post. I am and probably always have been a green person before the term really appeared just a few years ago. Some of my best pieces have been made from throw aways and pieces that just did not seem to work. I always save the left over paint. Wiping it on paper towels sometimes becom the base for journal covers.
I love that vase of flowers.

Vicki Lane said...

Nice work! One of the best painting I ever did was with a leftover palette and began, like yours, with my wiping the brush on a blank canvas.

Lee Pierce said...

You are so clever and creative! I love the look of this, Jean :D

Robin said...

That fabric has so much dimenion to it and that really added to what you had already done...very nice!

Curious Art said...

What a resourceful artist you are! I love the organic way this painting developed. And what a fabulous idea, using leftover paints as a background-- I can't believe it never occurred to me, because I too hate to waste paint. I'm instituting this policy immediately!

I hope your surgery goes well & that you mend quickly!

Linda Kittmer said...

Jean, this is wonderful. I too can't waste anything so I love your idea of starting canvases with bits of leftover paint. Your fabric flowers are wonderful. A great use of that old 'found' dress!

P.S. You're being followed...LOL