Thursday, April 26, 2012

Baby Blanket

While my hip has been healing, I wanted something fun to do to help keep me distracted.  My sister crochets baby blankets that she donates, and I had her bring over some yarn so I could crochet one.  Lynn's daughter-in-law is a minister at a Methodist church in California.  The baby blankets go to her, and get distributed to newborns. 

A close-up.  The blanket is done in double crochet.

This one has been mailed with two of Lynn's blankets, and they're on their way to California.  I'm well into my second blanket and really enjoying crocheting again.


Vicki Lane said...

What a nice thing to do! And it's beautiful!

Robin said...

This turned out great! Glad you have found some things to keep you from going stir crazy:)

Linda Kittmer said...

What a wonderfully generous thing to do Jean. You're awesome!