Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Man and Dog

I was playing in Photoshop today, experimenting with some different filters.  This one is called "Angled Strokes", and is under "Brush Strokes".  This is the first time I've tried "Angled Strokes" and really like the effect.

I'm not sure which filter(s) I used for this image, but my best guess is "Dry Brush," found under "Artistic."  Yes, really, I know I should write these things down....

This was a Texture filter called "Craquelure."  Please click on the images if you want to see them enlarged. 

With this image, I was working with three layers, and was experimenting with "Soft Light."

This isn't exactly the original photograph, but it seems to be the closest of those I have left!  The first image at the top is my favorite from the day's work.


Vicki Lane said...

Love seeing the different effects. And what a great pic to play with!

Amy said...

These are really lovely, Jean. Regarding your question on my blog about HDR, I'm using Photoshop5 and I go to image>adjustment>hdr. There are other ways to achieve the effect and here is one I found that doesn't use Photomatrix.

Michele Bilyeu said...

I loved this set...what differences but I liked all of them! I'm trying to learn to work with layers and am not having an easy time.Have you done any of that? If so, show us how it works, please!